Films List

1964 Motion Pictures, LLC

AffinityFilms, INC

About Face (Trailer)
Beat The Odds (Trailer)

Alaska Channel

Alaska Filmmakers

Alaska Filmmakers Season 1 (Vimeo)
Alaska Filmmakers Season 2 (Vimeo)

Alaska HDTV

Hikes (16 Episodes, iTunes Streaming)
Adventures (16 Episodes, iTunes Streaming)
Lifestyle & Culture (7 Episodes, iTunes Streaming)
Sanity Savers (10 Episodes, iTunes Streaming)

Alaskero Pictures

Could've Been More (Vimeo)
Scare (Vimeo)
The Last Thing I Do (Vimeo)

Amber Entertainment

The Frozen Ground

Brian Dollerhide

Stuff Anchorageites Never Say

Blambo Entertainment (Now 1964 Motion Pictures, LLC)

Breath of Fresh Air - Trailer - Purchase

Crystal Sky


Electric Igloo

15 Below Dan (YouTube)
Smoke and Shadows (YouTube)
Snow Angels (YouTube, Trailer)
The Devil & Danny Webber (YouTube)
The Recruit (YouTube)
The Woods Between (YouTube)
Wind Chill (YouTube)
The Job (YouTube)

Hybrid Color Films

The Spots "With Cory Davis" (Vimeo)
My Friend (Vimeo)
RED Sunday (Vimeo)

Kris Swanson

Ascend (Vimeo)

Laputka Films

B-Roll (Vimeo)
Contained (Vimeo)
Lost Land (Vimeo)
Upon the Green (Vimeo)
The Director (Vimeo)

Ranch Studios

Christmas with a Capital C

Sage Bilderback

Having Fun Together (YouTube)
I Have a Ghost (YouTube)
Claiming Clifton (YouTube)
Neptune's Gift (YouTube)

Scarface Productions

Blood Pact (Vimeo, Trailer)

SprocketHeads LLC

Tour of Anchorage (Commercial)
Alaska's Bush Pilots (Trailer)
They Also Serve
Iron Dog (Commercial)
Meth Lies (Commercial)
Think Halcro Governor (Commercial)
Cantique De Noel
Meth Jump (Commerical)
Peterman (Commercial)
No More Excuses (Commercial)
Irene Bedard (PSA)
We Are All Connected (Commercial)
Heroes of 9/11 (PSA)
Emergency (Commercial)
Village (Commercial)
North to Alaska (Commercial)
Aleut Story (Trailer)
Doubts (Commercial)
School (Commercial)

Studio Shiuli

Danger! Skit Show 3 (YouTube)
Danger! Skit Show 2 (YouTube)
Danger! Skit Show (YouTube)

Tri-Seven Pictures

The Cypherian (Vimeo)
Cause for Divorce (Vimeo)
The Last Friday Night (Vimeo)
B-O-M-B (Vimeo)

Universal Pictures

Big Miracle

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