Friday, August 3, 2012

Open Projector Night 6 Review

Another success for the Alaska Film Forum and Out North!  Open Projector Night 6 on Thursday June 28, 2012, was familiar and fresh at the same time.  The crowd is getting more and more involved in OPN (there was a bit of joking and heckling).  There was a problem with one of films, making it look like it had been done on a 10 year old cell phone camera.  Luckily you can see how it was supposed to look on youtube. 

Things were running a bit late to get into the main auditorium, but that gave most people a chance to get in a bit of networking, which seems to be nearly as important as the films themselves.  There was a great deal of hilarity at the beginning of the program, “Facebook whore” by Geoff Oliver and “She’s on Mushrooms” both had the audience laughing.  “Ascend” was an astonishing short film for introspection, done for one of the 24 hour film competitions.  “Skit Show 3” got a wild reaction from the crowd, especially for its spoof of "Could've been more" by Matt Jardin.  Our local film industry has now progressed to the point of spoofing itself, I congratulate you all!  “The menace of Alcohol,” done for Proper Binge (still in production) was a personal favorite, simply because of the old school and exaggerated hilarity.  A short designed to support the kickstarter for the Exit Glacier project was very poignant for me.   It is a project designed to gather funding for a smartphone application that would show you how the glacier used to look, compared to its smaller present day self.  I love that they are working for local support to show the melting of the glacier.  The new edit of “Eyes for Amber” by Kyle Murphy of Som Ep'Laceak was shown with great success.  I’m very much looking forward to his current project “Greenscreen.”  The wrap up film received wild applause and proved that Alaskans are an odd bunch, “Chinchilla the Killa.”  So much fun watching a large fuzzy outfitted "Killa" on a rampage! 

This is turning out to be an excessively busy summer movie season.  There are many short film projects rolling all the time, and Proper Binge (Anchorage/Mat-Su's first feature length film) is still filming out in the valley.  Check back here for casting calls and extra's opportunities.  I am looking forward to seeing what you create at the next OPN!  Hopefully it will be at a more conducive time, if not, I know quite a few people that will willingly drink an extra cup of coffee on Friday as penance.  

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