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4 male actors needed. 25 to 40 yrs old. Good sense of humor. 4 hours needed on a weekday. $200 for each person. If you have the time next week, a flexible schedule and you're a bit quirky, please send a recent photo to ASAP!


 For a short film.

Characters that are needed:

Anastasia: age range 25-30
Fiancée to the lead Character Will.

Sean: age range 25-35
Will's best friend.

Alan: age range 12-16
Will's younger brother.

These are non-speaking parts. Only the lead character Will has been cast.

Family members and friends as extras are needed as well.

If you are interested please feel free to send a headshot or resume to if you do not have either a headshot or resume please just message Bradford Jackson through Facebook. This film will be going S.A.G.


We are looking for "characters" of all kinds for a Reality Series in Alaska!

Hunters, Trappers, Traders, Gun Dealers, Bush families w/ children, Local Fix it Guys, Mill Worker/Owner, Fisherman, Gold Miners, Big Claim Owners, a Preacher, and Native-American Families! :D

Please email your current photos, contact info, and tell us a little bit about yourself to

Can't wait to hear from you!


Anchorage based reality production, already shooting, is looking for:
  • Office PA
  • Intern
  • Field PA 
To start immediately. For more information contact


Character List

Diane Southern, mid 30’s, wife, husband, David is due to return from deployment overseas.  She is worn to a frazzle.
Melanie Southern, mid 30’s, wife, mother of Becky.  Her husband is also due to return from deployment overseas.  Friend of Diane’s.  She sees the positive side of things.
Grandpa Grandfather to 7 year-old granddaughter, Diane.  Loving, playful, does what needs to be done.
Young Diane 7 years-old.  Precocious, artistic, stargazer
Becky 9 years-old.  Daughter of Melanie.  Father is deployed overseas
Soldier Army.  Squared away, precise, wants to do it right
David Army soldier.  Diane’s husband.  Impulsive romantic, returning home from Iraq.
Baby Diane’s newborn son
Diane’s son 5 years-old.  Son of Diane.

If you think you would be a good fit please send a head shot, bio, (demo reel if you have one) to


If you know of any cast / crew calls that are not listed here please shoot an email to

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